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Top 10 ’80s TV-Show Theme Songs: Cheers to Fame

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Theme songs of the 1980s originated in a time where television still had innocence about it. These are some of my favorite theme songs from the 1980s. I hope this article brings back plenty of happy memories for you.

1.) TheCheers theme was written by Craig Safan, and it a theme song everyone loved. It was huge on the radio and everyone knew the words to it. ‘Cheers’ was the friendly neighborhood bar where everyone knew your name. Sam, Carla, Diane and Coach were the staff members and they’d great their guests by name.

2.) 21 Jump Street theme was written by Peter Bernstein and Michael Z. Gordon sung by Holly Robinson Pete. The theme was very recognizable and got some radio play. This is the story about youngish looking police detectives who go undercover in high

3.)The Diff’rent Strokes theme was written by Al Burton, Allan Thicke, and Gloria Loring. The theme song tells the story of a man of means adopting two who need him. The show was about well to do Mr. Drummand and his daughter Kimberly who adopt Willis and Arnold, poor little brothers.

4.) Dukes of Hazzard theme was written and sung as written by Waylon Jennings. Waylon who is a country super star, wrote a song everyone knew the words too. I am sure I was not the only teenager who sang the theme with him, or drooled over Bo Duke. This was the story of three cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy who lived with Uncle Jesse, and the boys most of the time were in trouble with the law. The boys didn’t have to do anything wrong to get Roscoe or the JD Hogg after them, JD just wanted the farm the Dukes lived on so JD invented trouble.

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5.) Facts of Life theme song by Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring and Al Burton performed by Gloria Loring. This theme song reminded us all that the facts of life are about us, we are individuals. This was the show about a boarding home for girls who went to a private high school. Mrs. Garret who the girls lived with also ran a bakery, and sometimes the girls helped her there. The facts of life showed us that even thought these were mostly well to do girls; they still lived like the rest of us. Blaire, Tootie, Natalie, and Jo were the best friends that no of us ever had.

6.) Fame theme was written by Michael Gore and sung by Irene Cara has got to be about the best remember theme song as it got plenty of radio play, and even went to movies. The show centered around a performing arts school in New York City, and it’s zany crew of characters who love to dance. The show did have lots of drama in it as well.

7.) Kate & Allie theme was written by John Leffler Ralph Schuckett this was a good theme show and detailed the story line quickly. Katie and Allie were single moms who shared an apartment and child rearing duties. They lived in a basement apartment and it was a good wholesome family show adored by many.

8.)Miami Vice theme was written by Phil Collins and Jan Hammer, was just music but it was very nice music. This show detailed the lives and adventures of Crocket and Tubbs police detectives who worked undercover busting the bad guys.

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9.) A-Team theme was written by Mike Post begins with a narrator talking about the A- Team, and then slides into an instrumental with a montage of scenes from the show. The show is about 4 guys who are soldiers of fortune and they help any one who needs help. Hannibal, Face, BA (mr T) and crazy Murdock are the main characters.

10.) Cosby Show theme was written by Bill Cosby himself. This theme had no words, but it was catchy just the same. This show centered on the Clair and Cliff along with their five children, the lovable Rudy, Vanessa, Theo, Denise and Sondra. Bill played the role of a devoted father and that was very refreshing to see. schools to combat juvenile crime.

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