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TMobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Review

I used to have TMobile Pay as Go cell phone service. I purchased a flip style TMobile Motorola phone for just $19.99 on the TMobile.com website. I had a few options as to how many minutes I would like to add to my phone. The prepaid minutes are worth $10, $25, $50 and $100.

For the $10, $25, and $50 prepaid minutes, you have 90 days to use those minutes until they expire. For the $100 prepaid minutes, you have 365 days before expiration. TMobile prepaid offers a Gold Rewards program. Once you reach $100 in refills, you are eligible for Gold Rewards, in which you will recieve 15% more minutes with every refill. Your minutes will not expire for 365 days from the time you refill them.

The phone itself worked pretty well. I used it for texting, voicemail and phone calls only. It is a little slower on the keypad when texting than other phones. For the most part, I had no other problems with it and I like that it was inexpensive but still functioned well. It also came with Caller ID.

I liked that I could choose each month how many minutes I would like to refill. If you are on a tight budget and do not use your phone often, you can refill your minutes for $10. The reason I switched phone plans is because I used a lot of texting during the day and it added up to be more than the phone plan that I have now. My texts with TMobile Prepaid cost 15 cents to send and 10 cents to recieve. That really adds up if you text a lot.

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For the $10 refill, you get 30 wherever minutes. If you are a Gold Reward Member, you get 35 wherever minutes. For the $25 refill, you get 130 wherever minutes. If you are a Gold Reward Member, you get 150 wherever minutes. For the $50 refill, you get 400 wherever minutes. If you are a Gold Reward Member, you get 460 wherever minutes. For the $100 refill, you get 1000 minutes and you automatically become a Gold Reward Member.

TMobile’s customer service was always nice and friendly. They were easy to understand and they’ve always helped me with a few questions I had. I like that I could refill my minutes using my cell phone and credit card. This way it saved me a trip to the store. If you do not like using your credit card, you can go to a store that sells refill cards. You could also buy them online. Sometimes refill cards bought online may have a slight discount and they will give you an automatic pin number to refill your phone with, instead of having to wait to have it mailed to you.

The TMobile refill service is fairly easy to use as it gives you step by step instructions. All in all, I would recommend TMobile Prepaid service as I never had any real problems with it. I feel that if you do not use your phone that often or just for emergencies, that the TMobile Prepaid service would be a good option for you to choose. It’s also good because you do not have to be in a contract and there are no credit checks. I would rate this prepaid service on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, as a 7 for the phone and service.