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Tips to Buying a Kayak for the Beginner


Are you ready to start kayaking but don’t quite know where to begin or how to buy a kayak? Kayaking is a great pastime and sport. The following information should help you as you begin your journey into kayaking. The first part of your journey begins on land. You have to buy a kayak.

The good news is that kayaking is not difficult. They tend to have a low center of gravity, which keeps them from being as tipsy as they appear. Kayaks are also easy to learn to paddle. So all you really have to do is buy a kayak and hit the water.

The problem is, with the addition of so many different kayaks, purchasing a kayak has become more challenging than navigating a river in one.

The first thing you need to know in order to buy the right kayak for you is your purpose in owning the kayak. Kayaks can be used for recreation, wilderness exploration, racing, or churning down river in white water rapids. The type of kayaks you need to look at will depend on your purpose. So many different kayaks are now designed for different endeavors.

Secondly, consider exactly what quality of kayak you need. If you are only going to kayak a couple of times a year, then you may be able to save a little money here. On the other hand, if you are going to be a weekend warrior in your kayak, almost every weekend, you need to choose a kayak that has a reputation for durability.

Before you go out to purchase a kayak, the third thing you need to establish firmly in your head is your budget for kayaking. Remember you will have to purchase the kayak and a few additional supplies for your new pastime. Kayaks vary widely in price; establish your budget and intention before you even begin to look for a kayak to buy.

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Learn what types of kayaks are available before you buy. The type of kayak you buy will depend on your answer to the first question: what do you want to do in the kayak? A great all-around kayak for beginners is known as a recreational kayak. A recreational kayak will serve the purpose of learning to kayak and kayaking in rivers and ponds.

A recreational kayak is short, but a little wider than other kayaks. It makes it easy to steer, but a little more difficult to paddle in a straight line. Although learning to paddle in a straight line is one of the basic building blocks of learning to kayak. The first time I got in a kayak I was all over the river, from side to side. Boats had to dodge me because I couldn’t paddle well enough to dodge them. I’m telling you that to say this. Don’t allow someone to talk you out of a recreational kayak too easily. They can be mastered and are versatile. In my opinion, they are perfect for a beginner.

As you advance in your kayaking interest you may want to rush down white water rapids. Then you will need to buy a kayak designed to handle such a trip. You may decide to strike out in the wilderness and need a lot of storage space in your kayak. You’ll have to purchase a longer kayak designed for such an adventure.

The point is, there are a lot of different kinds of kayaks available. Choosing to buy a kayak will take a little research on your part. When you have decided on a style or brand of product it’s a good idea to test it in the water before you buy. Make sure it is the right watercraft for you.

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Once you buy a kayak you will discover there is nothing quite like slipping your kayak into the water and enjoying a day of personal adventure and fulfillment on a river, in the ocean, or on a large lake. Sometimes, when I am kayaking alone life becomes almost surreal because it is so serene. You drift into your own world when it is just you, on an easy gliding kayak, surrounded by nothing but nature.