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Tips on Removing Sugar from Your Diet

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar is one of the biggest challenges for many who are attempting to lose weight to face. You will find your body craving it on an almost daily basis. So how can you remove sugar from your diet, and why would you want to?

Lets first start with the why. I you are trying desperately to lose weight and not seeing much of a result after all of the exercising it could still be a few items in your diet. Having too much sugar can help to pack on the weight. Sugar turns into carbs and if not burned off will add extra pounds pretty quickly. So how can you remove the sugar.

Lets start with coffee or two, which is where many people tend to pour on the sugar. You can easily use sugar substitutes or even honey which will cut down on the amount of calories you are adding. I especially like to put about a tablespoon of honey in my cup of tea. It adds just the right amount of sweetness and it is good for you. Definitely a lot better than several table spoons of sugar. I have found that by simply not buying the sugar in the first place you will help yourself resist that urge to use it. If there are others in your house who like to use sugar than purchase the sugar substitutes. This way if you have a craving you are eating a healthier alternative.

If you find that you have a pretty serious sweet tooth you can try eating items that will satisfy your need for sweets. For example you can make yourself a smoothie, which will have a sweet taste to it but will only contain natural sugar that comes from fruit. For example you can mix together, strawberries, bananas, and plain yogurt. Mix this in a blender and you will have a very sweet smoothie that twill satisfy your sudden need for sugar. Try blending together different fruits that you may like. It will help to cut your cravings down and will definitely help with your weight loss goals.

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Another suggestion is to remove the sugar from your diet gradually. Some try to cut the sugar out all in one shot, and this can cause your craving to get even worse. Why not just fist try cutting back on the amount of sugar you use in your tea and coffee, or on your cereal. Each day or week you can put a little less, until you can get yourself to the point of not using it at all. You will basically be weaning yourself off of the sugar. Once you get off of the sugar you will be amazed at how quickly the weight will begin to fall off of your body. Also if you are not a big fan of sweeteners you can try different ones until you find the one that really works best for you. Some may not like the flavor of honey and the artificial sweeteners may not be what you are looking for. Try different ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without indulging in a lot of sugar. In the need you will be happy that you did.