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Tips for Easy Removal of Automobile Stickers

Some people chose to express themselves through their cars. Thus, it is not unusual to observe a car with window art or bumper stickers. Although stickers do add to a car’s décor, when the time comes to remove such art, many automobile owners begin to question their own judgment. Removing sticky items from car windows is frustrating. In cities where city decals or inspection decals are required, locals may have adopted a few quick techniques to remove stickers. However, if this is your first time attempting to remove a window or bumper sticker, here are a few helpful tips for a simple removal.

Peeling the sticker seems like the obvious solution. In some instances, this is very effective. The sticker may have included a special bond or glue designed for easy removal. If you have long nails, it is possible to remove these types of stickers without a scraper. If not, a small razor or window scraper may do the trick. These objects are very sharp. With this said, do not rush. Moving too quickly may result in accidentally cutting yourself or unnecessary scratching the window surface. While razors and scrapers are effective with removing stickers, these sharp objects should not be used when removing bumper stickers.

Another effective means of removing vinyl window stickers and bumper stickers involves heating the sticker. Heat guns or a hair dryer may work. Of course, if using a hair dryer it may help to use one that is portable or battery operated. If this type of hair dryer is unavailable, an extension cord may make the hair dryer easily accessible in the car. When heating a bumper sticker, apply low heat a few inches from the sticker. Placing high heat on a car for a long extended period may cause the paint to chip. As you maneuver the dryer with one hand, use the other to slowly peel the sticker.

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Stubborn stickers may require pre-soaking before removing. If a large portion of the sticker was removable, soapy water or an alcohol solution may be able to remove any excess sticky paper. With a spray bottle of soapy water in hand, generously spray the sticker. Allow the water to soak for about ten minutes. Remove as much of the sticker as possible. If necessary, re-spray the area. Continue the steps until all traces of the sticker are gone. For better results, pour two or three teaspoons of rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle.

These are inexpensive approaches to removing sticky items from automobiles. Unfortunately, these methods are tedious and time consuming. If you do not mind spending a few bucks, many auto parts stores have chemical solutions intended to remove bumper stickers from cars. Products of this sort are usually found near the paint section. Although bumper sticker removal formulas contain harsh chemicals, they will not cause damage to your car or paint job. This product is very useful for stripping off any type of window sticker, bumper sticker, factory decal, or city sticker.