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Three Great Tools to Help You Get Pregnant Faster

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For some women, getting pregnant is easy and for others it takes a little more work. Or, if you’re like me, it’s easy when you’re not trying, but a little more difficult when you are. Trying to get pregnant can seem pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it than you think. Utilizing a few very useful tools can help you determine when the best time is for you to get pregnant and could also help you to identify areas that may be problematic when trying to conceive. Here are three great tools to help you on your path to parenthood.

Fertility Friend
It always surprises me when I learn how many women are unaware of how their cycles truly work. Unfortunately, pregnancy doesn’t always happen the way high school sex-ed may lead us to believe. Women are typically only fertile for a short window each month and having sex outside of this window isn’t likely to lead to a pregnancy. This window, however, is unpredictable and can vary from woman to woman. Fertility Friend is a great website providing users with free software to help track fertility signals, such as basal body temperature, ovulation tests and changes in cervical mucus. Fertility Friend will help you interpret your charts and will provide predictions for ovulation and pregnancy based on your signs. Even better, if you’re not very familiar with how charting works or what signs you need to look for, Fertility Friend has a free online course to help educate users about how everything works. Fertility Friend also offers a VIP upgrade that allows users to take advantage of special features and post to the site’s discussion forum.

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ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor
Unlike ovulation tests and basal body temperature charting, the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor offers a simple, easy way to determine your fertility without having to interpret results or charts. Using the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor is relatively simple. The monitor will let you know when you need to test and alert you of your fertile days, referring to them as low, high and peak, letting you know when the best time to conceive is.

The OV-Watch is a revolutionary new product that takes the guesswork out of finding your fertile window. Unlike urine-based testing methods that only provide a short amount of notice prior to ovulation, the OV-Watch will let you know that your fertile window has begun four days prior to your anticipated ovulation. The OV-Watch is worn on the wrist, much like a watch, and uses a unique sensor to read your unique body chemistry every thirty minutes while you sleep. With the OV-Watch, there’s no need to wake up early and take your temperature, or to rush to the bathroom at a certain time each afternoon to take an ovulation test. The OV-Watch helps take the stress out of conceiving.

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