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The Top Ten Songs by Tenacious D

Kielbasa, Tenacious D

Rock music’s favorite acoustic metal band, Tenacious D have become a humongous cult phenomenon since their early club tours of the late 90’s, and the release of their debut album on epic records in 2001. Combine that with their energetic and hilarious live concerts, their two disc DVD release of their masterworks, and of course the film success of lead vocalist Jack Black (JB or Jabels as he is referred to in the band). And now, with a feature film and a soundtrack full of brand new material due this November, let’s take time out of our busy schedules and discuss ten of their top songs from theirdebut album, so that you’re all set to taste the double cream dream supreme that is Tenacious D 2.0.

10. Rock Your Socks
An arena rock anthem, stating Tenacious D’s motives as a band, and letting you know that they only exist to rock your socks off. This of course was accompanied with the Tenacious D sock (singular) that was available with preorders of the cd, but is now sadly long out of print.

9. Karate
A song showcasing the rage inside Jack Black as fellow bandmate Kyle Gass has selfishly eaten Jack’s entire schnitzel, even though it was clearly labeled in the band’s refrigerator. This showcases the shaky ground that the band lies on, because, as in most rock bands, there is a fair amount of tension. Jack and Kyle would later reunite on the CD’s next track: “friendship.”

8. Lee
A tribute song toward the band’s biggest fan and webmaster, Lee begins as a soothing and sweet reference to possible bizarre marriage of sorts between Lee and the band, and spirals into them just murdering him, due to the band’s immense feelings. Lee is definitely a true message that you can always become uncomfortably close (and potentially stalked) by your heroes, no matter who they are.

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7. Explosivo
Energetic and rocking, Explosivo finds the band elaborating further on their greatness, and them asking you to join them on their cosmic astral toad. It also explains the possible origins of the band, with JB telling us that he is not one of us, and is known as the “kicker of elves” and the “angel crusher”. Clearly, Explosivo is one of the D’s heavier and more experimental tracks, perhaps with mushrooms and whatnot, but it leads to good results nonetheless.

6. Kielbasa
Kielbasa is a thinly disguised love song detailing JB’s strong desire to please a woman, and hoping that his kielbasa sausage can perform up to the level he needs it to. Kielbasa is one of the D’s more sensitive songs, but yet, still rocks harder than The Rock on a rocking horse singing Rock The Kasbah.

5. Double Team
Starting out slow and then building into a true rock ballad masterpiece, Double Team tells the tale of Jack and Kyle’s threesome adventure with a lady of their choosing. It is told from their point of view, detailing anything and everything they will do to you (as the lady). Although graphic, Double Team certainly does paint a picture, and it has a lot of heart behind it. It can be best described as “sweetly disturbing.”

4. Dio
Written for and directed at former Black Sabbath front man Ronnie James Dio, Dio tells the tale of how Dio is now too old to rock, and should now bow out of the industry for revolutionary children Tenacious D. The song is honest in its opinions and never sets out to insult Dio, it simply suggests he relax, now that Tenacious D are on the job. It has been called “the greatest song about Ronnie James Dio ever written.”

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3. Fuck Her Gently
The ballad of the album, Fuck Her Gently is the soothing tale of how, even though Tenacious D rock, it does not mean they are made out of stone. This song is mostly acoustic, as it has a lot of sensitivity and emotion to convey. The song ended up becoming an internet sensation, even getting an animated video filmed on its behalf from the animators of the cult cartoon Ren and Stimpy. So if you like your D with a little bit of tenderness, Fuck Her Gently is for you.

2. Wonderboy
The album’s first single, Wonderboy is the very definition of an epic song. Telling the tale of bored superhero Wonderboy, and his arch rival, young Nastyman, and how they were able to put apart their differences and unite to form the greatest band on earth. Complete with it’s humongous epic ‘Lord of the Rings’ style music video, Wonderboy also has the honor of being the only Tenacious D song without a curse. Chances are, you have heard this song before and just had no idea who it was. It was Tenacious D is who it was. Now go tell your friends.

1. Tribute
Years ago, when Tenacious D first began, they began as a novelty act on open mic night, and they had one song. That song was Tribute, a tribute to the greatest song in the world (which they can no longer remember.) Tribute has long been considered the D’s signature song and was released as the album’s second single. Incredibly catchy and charmingly ridiculous, you’ll find yourself humming Tribute for days.

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Comedic, but brimming with real rock talent (including famed producers The Dust Brothers) and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl on drums) Tenacious D have come a long way over their years. From novelty act to “kinda sorta” respected duo, expect even bigger things when the D’s film: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, along with the films soundtrack of entirely new D songs, are both unveiled this November. If you’re a fan of Jack Black in any way, you are obligated to purchase this record. Trust me, it will change your life (change for the better not guaranteed).