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The Changing World of Music Stores

Music Stores

Today, many people are buying music online and are wondering about the fate of traditional brick and mortar stores. It has never been easier to research, sample, and purchase your favorite music selections right from the comfort of your own home. To take things a step further the availability of mobile phones and iPod Touch devices to hold and store tremendous amount of music has made it even easier for digital downloads to proliferate. The variety of collections offered and the absolutely massive selection has made the choice a no brainer for the common shopper. Almost every album that has ever been released can be sourced through these online mechanisms.

However, while this market continues to grow and innovate, brick and mortar music stores have seen a rapid change in their customer base. This has resulted in these establishments having to differentiate in many ways and offer new goods to entice customers to visit. Traditional music stores used to offer a buying experience for the customer that included browsing the store for your favorite artists in addition to discovering new types of music in your search. But, in the digital economy, this process occurs at the keyboard. Due to the explosion of online technologies and full-scale music services like iTunes, traditional music stores have ventured into marketing non-music related items.

This shift towards non-music items in the marketplace has caused these music stores to now become boutique type establishments where disc jockeys and hard-core enthusiasts find their selections. For many though, the best thing about a traditional brick-and-mortar music store is the presence of nostalgic elements from these faithfully local establishments. From an early age people have fond memories of their parents taking them to the local music store to buy records and cds. In many cases, these stores also had a selection of actual instruments for purchase. These changes have forced these markets to highly specialize in their product offerings and market to a direct clientele. Nowadays, when dealing with customers, it is all about the buying experience as storeowners understand the importance of specialization and a good atmosphere.

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At this time there has been renewed interest in the musical arts as greater and greater amounts of
individuals have taken to listening to music more often. Often, people find that music is extremely therapeutic and will allow you to feel relaxed and tension free. Songs and lyrics have a way of making you forget all of your worries and drift away into the art. We, with the availability of so many websites and downloading mechanisms, have more music available to us than ever before in the past. In addition to this, the methods with which we listen to our music have continually advanced through the years. Sound quality is now better than it has ever been and devices that accentuate the listening experience help people become more engrossed in the art. As consumers, we are really reaping the benefits of these technological advances. Sadly, the traditional music store will find itself constantly changing in the ever-advancing world of music distribution.