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Review of Suave Unscented Pump Hairspray

For the past several years, my hairstyle has needed a good strong hairspray to keep it looking nice. I have used aerosols, mainly salon brands, because I like the way they give my hair complete coverage. Pumps sometimes send out droplets of hairspray, giving me undesirable results. My husband uses Suave unscented non-aerosol hairspray. In ...

Karla News

Reviewing White Rain All Day Moisturizing Body Wash

Not too long ago I reviewed another White Rain body was that I found to be simply average. Since I just can’t resist White Rain products’ affordable prices and I absolutely love body wash compared to bar soap, I decided to take a chance on White Rain All Day Moisturizing Body Wash. Walgreens offered a ...

Karla News

TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray Review

I have thick, thick hair. I’m talking caveman like thick. It takes me an hour just to straighten this pile of puff everyday. But in the summer time I tend to get lazy and not care much about sitting inside wasting an hour straightening my hair. My summer look is simple. I pull it back, ...