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Top Ten Songs by System of a Down

System of a Down is a very unique band. They have always had a way of combining very hard, loud, and unpredictable music with pretty and soothing intervals. They are very enlightened song writers, as they clearly understand exactly what they want to do in a song from the first second. I have compiled a ...

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System of a Down Bio

System Of A Down, having other nicknames such as System and SOAD, is made up of members either from the middle east or have Armerian ancestry but were born in America. They formated in 1994. It is formed up of four members, as listed below: Serj Tankian — Lead Vocalizion, Keyboards Daron Malakian — Only ...

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Unique Part Time Jobs in Austin, TX

Unique Part Time Jobs in the Austin Metro Area Austin, Live Music Capital of the World, prides itself in being off beat and weird. Shirts bearing the mantra “Keep Austin Weird” are commonplace throughout the downtown area, which itself provides enough of its own brand of weird. Leslie, the “mascot” drag queen of 6th street, ...