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10 Very Easy Ways to Save Energy

When looking for ways to save money, a good place to start is by saving energy. Do you really need to use as much energy as you do on a daily basis? If you were to look at your habits and home equipment very closely, you will likely find that a large portion of the ...

Karla News

Designing a Trade Show Booth for Your Business

Some companies-those with millions of dollars at their disposal-can afford a limitless budget when designing a trade show booth, but most small- to medium-sized businesses have to scale down their efforts. This doesn’t mean that your trade show booth needs to be lacking in appeal and functionality, however, because you can design an inexpensive trade ...

Karla News

AppleCare Protection Plan Review

This AppleCare Protection Plan Review comes from someone who hates protection warranties. I hate salespeople who try to sell you ridiculous service plans that are often overpriced and offer horrible customer service. I recently purchased an iMac computer and found myself contemplating purchasing the AppleCare Plan. After carefully considering the plan and realizing that for ...