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Karla News

Getting an Early Start on Vegetable Gardening Without a Greenhouse

If you live in a northern climate like I do, you’ve probably discovered that the vegetable growing season is quite short. Freezing spring temperatures means that summer vegetable gardens really can’t go into the ground until June 1. By October, the nights are freezing again leaving us at best only 4-1/2 months of moderate temperatures ...

Karla News

How and When to Pick Sweet Corn

Fresh sweet corn on the cob is one of the summer vegetables I look forward to eating to the most. Coupled with a barbecue burger or juicy steak its one of the tastiest sides you can eat during the summer time.To taste the best, sweet corn should be eaten within 48 hours of being picked. ...

Karla News

Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

One of the ways to stretch that ever shrinking grocery budget is by raising a few vegetables in the yard. A home vegetable garden can provide a family with “in season” fresh vegetables, which are both healthier and superior to anything that can be purchased at the grocery store. For families short on gardening space, ...