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Karla News

Is Year Round Education a Good Idea or Bad?

Back when my kids were in public school (before we started homeschooling), I had a school bus stop conversation with a couple of mothers regarding year round education. I made it clear that I was against year round education because children needed more time and freedom to be kids, not less. Another mother felt that ...

Karla News

Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

Summer teaching opportunities can be great experiences for the new teacher, and they can be also time consuming. On the good side, summer teaching jobs are a good way to make a little bit of extra money and they’ll look good also on your resume. They might also open a door or two for future ...

Karla News

Contract Adherence in Education

Contract Adherence School boards maintain the authority to offer teachers a contract. Contracts in general incorporate a teacher’s salary, insurance information, sick pay, and grievance measures and may differ from district to district (Phelps & Gale, 2003). A teacher’s employment contract is a legally binding agreement between the school board and the teacher. The law ...