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Howard Stern’s Former Sidekicks – SiriusXM’s King of All Media

Howard Stern (King of All Media) is a shock jock who scores radio controversy – satellite radio that is. He’s also judge on NBC’s hit show, ‘America’s Got Talent’, and just signed for a second season. In 2006, he left terrestrial radio, where he broadcast raw mania and tangled with icons like Don Imus at ...

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How I Deal with Stuttering

“You don’t stutter. Your tongue just covers up your eyetooth so you can’t see what you’re saying.” — What my Dad would tell me Stuttering is definitely stressful, even if you don’t stutter that badly. It can leave you embarrassed and frustrated. Stuttering can happen at any age and for a variety of reasons. Trying ...

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Developmental Stuttering: Possible Causes and Treatments

The uncontrolled pauses, repetition or prolongation of words or syllables (i.e. dysfluency) characteristic of stuttering is normal for a tiny percentage of everyday speech (Weir and Bianchet 2004). But for about 55 million people worldwide (Büchel and Sommer 2004), stuttering is a lasting speech impairment that causes shame and damages self-image, with the potential to ...