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Karla News

Paying Off Your Student Loans

For many students, the only way to pay for college is through student loans. I certainly could not have attended college without them. At the beginning of the repayment period, the ten years of repayment that I was facing seemed insurmountable. But, I paid mine off, and even a little bit early through diligence and ...

Karla News

Get Rid of Student Loan Debt

Millions of Americans find themselves carrying student loans. Some students graduated and carry the financial debt as an investment in their education, while others carry student loans for semesters they completed, but did not earn the degree. Whatever the reason, managing student loan payments can be difficult for former students. In recent surveys, many people ...

Karla News

Don’t Use Student Loans for Anything But Your College Education

Most college students don’t ever consider how much money they’re actually borrowing to pay for school. They don’t have the money to pay cash semester by semester, and instead casually borrow money through Stafford loans. They never take the time to consider what sort of payment they’re going to be faced with and how much ...