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Karla News

Crocodile Hunter’s Daughter, Bindi, Launches TV Show

Following Steve Irwin’s September 2006 death, nearly a year later his memory resurfaces. However, it’s not in a television special surrounding his much publicized death. His memory is being remember through his eight-year-old daughter, Bindi Irwin. Bindi Irwin is looking to continue her father’s hard work and dedication to his craft through her own television ...

Karla News

Timothy Treadwell, the Grizzly Man: Documentary Review

Recently Animal Planet aired “Grizzly Man,” a documentary about Timothy Treadwell, the conservationist whose bizarre fanaticism over grizzly bears cost him and his girlfriend his life: In 2003 in Alaska, he and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were eaten by a grizzly, and the six-minute incident was caught on audiotape. Grizzly Man is a well-done documentary ...