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Karla News

15 Tips for Stepmoms: How to Handle Problems with Step Children

Can’t stand your stepdaughter? Are your stepchildren making your life miserable? Does you stepson’s behavior drive you crazy? Do you dread the times that your stepchildren come to visit, and count the days until they leave? Are you unhappy with the way your step kids treat you? If so, here are some tips for you. ...

Karla News

Step-Parenting: Dealing with a Bitter Ex-wife

I could sit here and tell, in detail, all the trails and tribulations of a bitter ex-spouse, but I won’t. First, because I think it is unfair to discuss matters without one present to defend them and second, well, it would just be venting wouldn’t it. I can however, express to you several sanity saving ...

Karla News

Step Kids and Parenting

Statistics show that subsequent marriages quite often end in divorce, and it is no wonder why. The majority of succeeding marriages include step kids, and the issues regarding step kids can be a great source of problems for couples. Step kids can be jewels in the binding of a marriage, or they can be thorns. ...