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Karla News

Top 10 Mens Dress Shoes for Work

There are some days my work takes me out in the field for 16 hours and I’ll need to wear comfortable, sturdy and safe boots while still looking dressed up. Then there are days I’d have to remain in the office, still in need of comfortable, dressy shoes. I have come to rely on several ...

Karla News

Nike Vs. Avia Shoes

Nike is one of the most well known brands of shoe on the market today. They’ve always got the super cool television commercials, the flashy in-store advertisements and the most popular sports star of the month on posters. But does hype and loud ads really matter? With all the different brands on the shelves in ...

Karla News

Best Men’s Work Shoes for Spring

There are many different types of men’s dress shoes for work out there. Below you are going to find out the best ones that are not only comfy and stylish, but also at a decent price. Dr. Martens Zack Plain Toe Slip on Shoes These shoes are full leather that provide resilient protection. They have ...