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Karla News

College Lessons from My Sophomore Year

I’m a student of Duke University, class of 2011. In my time at college I’ve learned little tidbits of things here and there. These will be good things to remember if you’re in college and even if you’re not in college they can be beneficial. I did a piece similar to this before from collected ...

Karla News

Planning and Organizing the Perfect Graduation Party

The winds blow a bit warmer, green sprouts peek through brown earth, and the Class of 2006 anxiously awaits graduation day. The apathy of senioritis that set in months ago is being replaced with the excitement of prom just weeks away and then finally, after 13 long years, graduation. While the young people prepare to ...

Karla News

High School Senior Year Tips

Congratulations on finishing your third year of high school! By now, the campus is your second home. You should have friendly relations with most of the faculty, contain a strong circle of friends, preside over or strongly influence your favorite extracurricular activities, and you should be anxious to finish high school. You will be applying ...