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Selecting a Satellite Radio Provider for Your Car

Like subscription television, which offers a wide variety of classic sitcoms, original programming and premium movies for a monthly fee, satellite radio providers beam music and exclusive sports programming to their subscribers every day. As anyone who has this feature will tell you, it definitely makes the daily commute a lot more enjoyable. Currently, only ...

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Is Sirius Satellite Radio Online for You?

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer each week. As a freelance writer, I not only use my computer for writing, but also for research and fact checking. Through the years, I have had many a day where writer’s block has set in. When it does, one of my favorite pastimes ...

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The Broadcast Battle: Conventional Radio Versus Satellite Radio

History of Conventional Radio in the United States Many will argue over who actually invented the first radio. While there are many claims, it is thought that it was invented in the 1890’s. The first radio audio broadcast was actually made from Brant Rock, Massachusetts. The date was Christmas Eve of 1906 and the two ...