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Karla News

Tips for Teaching Someone How to Drive

If you decide to undertake the task of teaching another person to drive an automobile, do so with an open mind, a patient demeanor, and the willingness to grab the wheel without hesitation, should the situation require it. If you are teaching a new driving student in America, please, please, do the following: Promise to ...

Karla News

How to Get an Illinois Motorcycle License

Illinois is very similar to other states when it comes to the motorcycle licensing process. The general trend in states is to require only a basic drivers license and completion of a state motorcycle training course. Illinois follows these same basic licensing requirements. Upon successful completion of an Illinois Department of Transportation approved motorcycle training ...

Karla News

The SimuRide HE Driver Education Simulator

Driver’s education dates as far back as the 1950’s in some states. The recent epidemic of teen crashes proves that it is needed now more than ever. Young inexperienced drivers are taking to the streets without any formal training at all. The SimuRide HE can change that by allowing young drivers to practice before they ...