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Karla News

Ritz Bits Sandwiches Graham Cracker S’mores by Nabisco: Review

Ritz crackers are a popular salty cracker that is usually eaten with cheese and meat. But if you are searching for a sweeter treat inspired by Ritz crackers, read on to find out more about Ritz Bits Sandwiches Graham Cracker S’mores by Nabisco. I was pleased to run into Ritz Bits Sandwiches Graham Cracker S’mores ...

Karla News

Creative Uses for Ritz Crackers

There are so many wonderful convenience products that can be turned into creative snacks and appetizers. One such product is Ritz Crackers. Ritz Crackers are not only tasty with cheese, but can be turned into a snack or appetizer that your guests will think is truly creative. Here are just a few creative ideas to ...

Karla News

Recipes for 3 Different Side Dishes for the Holidays

Tired of the same old recipes every holiday season? If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time pouring over the cookbooks just trying to find something different, and then end up making the same old stuff every year anyway. This year, why not try a side dish that is really new and different? ...