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Karla News

Rick Springfield Goes from Soap Opera Hunk to Rock ‘n Roll Star

How does someone go from being a soap opera doctor to being a bonafide rock ‘n roll star? Just be Rick Springfield, I guess. I’ve got to admit that I was very skeptical when Rick Springfield decided to make the transition from soap opera beefcake to rock ‘n roll beefcake around 1981 or so. I ...

Karla News

Top Ten Songs by Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield has been a fan favorite for over twenty years now. Rick Springfield hit the charts back in 1981 with his album ‘WORKING CLASS DOG’ at the same time appearing in the popular soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL playing hunky doctor Noah Drake. Here is a list of top ten songs by Rick Springfield: 1. ...

Karla News

Summer Festivals in Minnesota

For those who live outside of the state, Minnesota might be unbearably cold any time outside June, July, and August, but lucky for us there are plenty of things to do in the state during the summer, thanks to some great, and distinctive, summer time festivals. These special events draw in residents and non-residents all ...