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The Best Way to Parallel Park

You are on your way to a meeting. You are running late. Your hope is that you will find a great parking space in front of the meeting place. That will save you lots of time. As you approach your destination there are no parking places to be found. As you approach the front of ...

Karla News

Mercedes Benz E350 2006: The Weekly Driver

The first luxury car I ever drove was a 1973 Mercedes Benz 240 diesel. My parents bought the vehicle new in Germany, drove it around Europe on vacation and had it shipped to their home in Northern California. I was 18 at the time, and when my father let me take his new car to ...

Karla News

Hitchcock’s Rear Window: An Analysis of J.M. Hayes’ Screenplay

The screenplay for Rear Window makes use of only two locations throughout the entire story. The Interior of the protagonist’s, Jeffries’, apartment and the exterior courtyard of the apartment that becomes a playground of peoples’ private lives. Hitchcock created an elaborate set for Jeffries’ point of view of his neighbors, thus the camera never need ...