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Karla News

Rx for Synagis? Make Sure Your Premature Baby is Covered

When the doctor in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) recommended that we ask our pediatrician about Synagis to help prevent RSV disease, I never envisioned the health insurance nightmare that would follow. I had seen the commercials promoting Synagis, I had read the pamphlet about RSV. I knew the seriousness of this potentially life-threatening ...

Karla News

Sleep Apnea in a Premature Baby: Caffeine Based Therapy

Sleep apnea is described as a condition in which breathing ceases to occur, momentariliy, while sleeping. For children born prematurely, sleep apnea can become a significant health complication and is one of many concerns for children in a neonatal intensive care unit. For these children, born prematurely between 28 and 33 weeks of gestation, sleep ...