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Karla News

How to Make Bubble Gum

All kids and most adults love a mouthful of deliciously sweet pink bubblegum. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could make your own custom bubble gum? This would be an entertaining project for you to do with your child on a rainy afternoon. Just be prepared to try your hand at blowing a few bubbles ...

Karla News

Creative Uses for Empty Parmesan Cheese Containers

Empty Parmesan cheese containers, the plastic kind with a reusable lid, are useful for a variety of options around the house. Before throwing out your next Parmesan cheese container, try these ideas for a creative way to recycle it. Confetti Shaker. Empty Parmesan cheese containers make a great confetti shaker for various art and craft ...

Karla News

2 Sugar Tricks: How to Tint Sugar and How to Make Powdered Sugar

How to Tint Sugar: If you want tinted sugar for decorating holiday cookies or cupcakes save money by making your own tinted sugar! You can tint granulated sugar, coarse sugar, and even raw sugar. Tinting sugar is so easy! Once you know this trick you’ll always have tinted sugar whenever your need it! GATHER YOUR ...