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The Role of Women in the French Revolution

Debatable issues of rights have constantly haunted our society, but equality during the French Revolution was a gripping concept to put into effect. The French Revolution, a period calling for liberty and inequality, failed to produce the rights and respect of women in their society. Although women contributed a great deal to the French Revolution, ...

Karla News

Best Washington, D.C., Metro Area Concerts for 2012

When it comes to concerts, 2012 promises to be a memorable year in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Whether you’re planning a vacation to the nation’s capital or are a local resident, you can experience world-class live music throughout the district. Purchase tickets and make hotel reservations well in advance of the larger arena concerts, ...

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Top Ten Songs by John Lennon

Imagine Singularly Lennon’s most popular – -and his signature – -song, this is also the title for his second post-Beatles album released in 1971. The lyrics are a powerful entreaty to peace, part of Lennon’s growing political activism during the period. This was composed on Lennon’s famous white piano, which was sold to British musician ...