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Current Issues Pertaining to Civil Rights in America and Prison Statistics

Over two hundred years ago the fledgling government of the newly liberated America drew together the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The country had declared itself free of royal tyranny, fought and won its independence from the United Kingdom, and declared that all people shall have certain inalienable rights. These ...

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Contemporary Cultural Diversity Issue

According the U.S. Census bureau (2010), the United States population is increasing at record speeds. The population as of 2010 is approximately 310 million two hundred million of which are White, and 100 million of which are of minority status. This document is designed to discuss the pros and cons that of contemporary cultural diversity ...

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Evidence Suppression: A Case Discussion

Our criminal justice system wants to convict the guilty, while protecting the innocent. As with any element of our society it is essential that we have in place some system for ensuring fairness and justice are preserved and served. By ensuring all elements of an investigation are fully explored and considered, within the prescribed mode ...