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Karla News

History and Overview of the Head Start Program

Stimulated in part by the civil rights movement of the 1960s, compensatory education sought to compensate for disadvantage background of improve the performance of low-achieving students, particularly those from low-income families. Compensatory education was funded largely by the federal government, although some states and local school districts also set aside funds for this purpose. The ...

Karla News

Multicultural Curriculum in Today’s Classrooms

It is time for a change everyone! When you look around, does everyone look alike? What about language, traditions, holidays, wardrobe, food, and religion? Does everyone fit into some set category? In most instances, if you were to poll the shoppers at your local grocery store about their culture, you would quickly realize that the ...

Karla News

Immigration History: Ethnicity and the Melting Pot Examined

Many scholars of immigration history, including historians, have examined the ways in which ethnicity is closely related to immigration and acculturation. Through metaphors such as the ‘melting pot,’ these scholars have considered both the meaning and importance of ethnicity and ethnic groups. In addition, they have dealt with the ‘melting pot’ metaphor itself, comparing the ...