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Karla News

White Pine Trees for a Privacy Hedge?

I love all evergreen trees and white pine trees in particular. I am presenting information gleaned from my experience of growing white pines for 45 years. White pines have very long needles compared to some other varieties of pines.Their luxuriant appearance enhances any landscape. They are the personification of the idealistic Christmas tree, A photo ...

Karla News

Book Review: “Pines” by Blake Crouch

“Pines” by Blake Crouch is a thrilling work of fiction. You will be hooked from page one. Ethan Burke, the main character, is a man on a mission. The story begins with his waking up in a place called Wayward Pines. It is an idyllic setting: beautiful Victorian houses surrounded by gorgeous park and grass ...

Karla News

Gardening Inspite of Your Pine Trees; Great Shade Plants

Gardening under pine trees may seems to be an intimidating task; however, knowing the right plants to plant is half the battle. Make sure the plants you choose are hardy for your region, are shade loving, and knowing their watering needs will likewise help you out. Having a front yard full of pine trees, but ...