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Karla News

5 Great Children’s Books About Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Have you been working on teaching your children about the value of maintaining good personal hygiene? Are you looking for a handful of books to incorporate into their story time that will help you to reinforce that message? If so, I may be able to help. I am familiar with several books that would be ...

Karla News

Teach Your Kids Good Personal Hygiene: Healthy Habits for Life

Proper personal hygiene is knowledge most of us take for granted. For kids, learning proper personal hygiene can be a difficult and embarrassing lesson. With a few simple pointers and a little practice, any child can learn the basics of good personal hygiene and save themselves from the dreaded class laughter. Teaching children personal hygiene ...

Karla News

How to Teach Children About Personal Hygiene

When I was six, my class took a field trip to a health fair designed for children, and I still remember some of the tips we heard there. Unfortunately some kids are never given the option of attending such an event, and with most schools putting off health education until junior high, we have to ...