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Karla News

Road Trip Games for Toddlers

While planning for an upcoming road trip, I began to think of all of the car games that I knew for long road trips. However, I realized that I had one major deficit when it came to figuring out how to keep everyone happy for the duration of the car trip. Our two-year-old daughter would ...

Karla News

3 Websites that Help Kids Learn to Read

I recently had my kindergarten-aged child take a placement test and she passed the school’s reading test with flying colors. The teacher who conducted the exam told me that my five year old was reading at a beginning second grader level. I was pleasantly surprised, I knew my daughter is reading well for her age, ...

Karla News

Genius Children: Know When to Check Your Child’s IQ

Do you have a child genius on your hands? Even bright people sometimes can’t judge their own child’s IQ. At a very early age, it’s hard to determine how smart a baby is — and it may not be that important to know, either. Whether genuinely gifted at birth or not, treating a child as ...