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Karla News

Favorite Movie Themes: Music By….Beethoven?

Although most orchestral film scores (such as the ones for the Star Wars/Star Trek franchises) are contemporary compositions written in the classical idiom, there have been many instances where true classical music has been used as either partial or complete underscore for a motion picture. Both versions of Walt Disney’s Fantasia, for example, are essentially ...

Karla News

Classical Music: For Relaxation and Healing

No matter where we are on this vast globe, stress is a major factor in our lives. It begins at birth and shadows us through life till death. Whether we’re at work, school, home or at the mall, stress follows us, often in the form of a dark cloud. But with all we have to ...

Karla News

Get Better at Typing – Tips for the Novice Typist

In today’s cubicle-based world, solid typing skills are essential. It’s never any fun to be sitting there at your desk, slogging through a report while the girl across the isle is churning pages out at eighty words per minute. Still, there’s no point to pushing your fingers to the breaking point when you ultimately have ...