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Karla News

Drum Sheet Music: A Simple Explanation

Are you interested in learning how to read drum sheet music? Are the seemingly random lines, dots, and symbols leaving you baffled? Whether you are looking at tabs on the Internet or “real” drum music in a book or magazine, those “strange symbols” can actually unlock the door to learning your favorite music; it is ...

Karla News

Finding Hip Hop Drum Samples

Many will agree that the foundation of great hip hop production is in the drums. Many will also agree that if your drums are great, then anything is gonna sound good on top of them. The first step in production before creating your drum patterns, is building up a library of kicks, snares, hi-hats, and ...

Karla News

Tips for Making Realistic Drum Tracks in FL Studio 7

One of the premier sequencing programs on the market, FL Studio 7 (aways back it used to be called Fruity Loops) features a fast and intuitive interface and a host of great samples to build hip hop, rock, techno, and house beats quickly. If you’re looking to get a realistic drum sound, though, you may ...