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A Brief Guide to Illinois DUI Laws

An Illinois driver who is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs should prepare to deal with a set of very strict, extremely complex legal ramifications. Illinois DUI laws are incredibly elaborate, and there are very few loopholes through which an accused drunk driver can hope to slip through. Anyone accused of ...

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The DUI Laws of South Carolina

Driving under the influence is the crime that is generally charged when an individual is found to have been drinking and then operating a motor vehicle. However, the law in South Carolina can also cover a situation where a person’s ability to drive has been diminished or impaired as a result of substances other than ...

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Ohio Driving Laws

The state of Ohio ranks 35th in size among the 50 states, making it one of the smallest states west of the Appalachian Mountains. But just because Ohio is small in size, doesn’t mean it’s small when it comes to population. In fact, with 11,485,910 residents, Ohio has the 7th largest population in the nation. ...