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Karla News

Police TV: Ten Classic Cop Shows

While it’s true that many people today dislike and even don’t trust the police, there’s no denying that television shows about cops have always been a staple of the medium. Over the course of TV history, a number of shows have even been responsible for making young people want a career in law enforcement because ...

Karla News

Harry Morgan, of ‘Dragnet’ and ‘M*A*S*H’ Fame, Passes On

Harry Morgan, who graced the small and big screen, has died. Morgan is best known for two roles in iconic television series, “Dragnet” and “M*A*S*H,” to which both his acerbic persona added considerable spice. In the 1960s version of “Dragnet,” Morgan played Officer Bill Gannon, the partner of Detective Joe Friday, played by Jack Webb. ...

Karla News

South Park: Pandemic

South Park is not for everyone. On one level the humor is rude and crude beyond description, with on air depictions of body functions and gay sex sometimes cropping up. But South Park is also the best satirical show on TV bar none. The most recent episode, Pandemic, is a case in point for the ...