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Karla News

Where to Download Movies Online

Okay, so you heard from a friend that you can download movies online but do not know where to start. Well you are reading the right article. In this article you will learn how to download movies online the legal way. You will also read about the two top sites for downloading movies online and ...

Karla News

Downloading Movies on the Internet: The Legal and the Illegal Way

A large percentage of internet users spend their time on the web, searching and downloading movies using illegal tactics. Have you ever wondered whether downloading movies on the internet, the illegal way, is a good or a bad thing? How does this affect us and things around us? What are the consequences for movie producers ...

Karla News

Stardust-at-Home: Volunteer to Sort Space Dust

Stardust@home, this is really cool, you can sign up to help researchers look for particles from distant stars that were captured by the spacecraft Stardust. The “dust” particles are embedded in some collector plates made of Aerogel. Researchers are looking for interstellar dust grains in the collector plates. Space travel beyond Mars has discovered that ...