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Karla News

Fun Summer Water Games for Kids

Summertime is a great time for water fun and activities! Kids love the water! Water games are a great addition to a birthday party, festival, Vacation Bible School, or any other event you have planned. This article will go over several fun filled water games that kids can play and the games won’t hardly cost ...

Karla News

Fun Ideas for Homeschool PE

I never ever had fun in Gym class, with the exception of one year. That year the girls’ gym flooded at the high school warping the brand new floors. While it was being repaired, we got to have PE class with the boys. I loved it. I did not have to worry about the bigger ...

Karla News

Seven Must Have Summer Toys Under $5

  When kids get out of school parents always try to find ways to keep them entertained. This process can get expensive with so many electronic toys and expensive summer and day camps. All seven of the ideas below can be found for under $5 and most can be bought for only $1 at dollar ...