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Karla News

English Cottage Garden Design for Beginners

For the flower gardening enthusiast, an English garden is a view of landscaping heaven. With little or no grass, the yard is an abundance of flowers sometimes tall enough to hide a precocious child. Varying height blooms of reds, yellow, blue, pink, lavender or orange create a rainbow color explosion. To augment the landscape design, ...

Karla News

DIY Modern Landscaping Ideas

Modern landscaping addresses today’s hectic, high-stress life-style. Contemporary landscaping provides a sanctuary, a place to spend quiet time with family and friends, without excessive maintenance. The following are 5 DIY modern landscaping ideas for your own unique space. Guidelines for Modern Landscaping Ideas Many resources discuss contemporary landscaping at some length1. Here are some quick ...

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Popular and Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

DIY home improvement projects can save a bundle of money. There are no labor costs involved in DIY projects. Home improvement can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Here are some popular home improvement projects that will up the value of your home quickly. Interior painting is a project that can be ...