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The Diva Cup: a Review

The Diva Cup is a silicone menstrual cup, designed to replace tampons and pads for use during your period. But is it completely disgusting? Do you have to touch your own blood? Does it really save money? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more, as I review my experience with ...

Karla News

Rites of Passage for Girls Getting Their First Period

Rites of passage have been important throughout history. They have been celebrated in every culture and for many different reasons. Some, such as graduations, are celebrated with a diploma. Others, such as special birthdays, get a special party with cake and sometimes alcohol. Some of the most important rites of passage are not celebrated in ...

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Green Menstrual Products: A Guide

Fears about toxic shock syndrome, dioxin contamination, and environmental problems have led more women to prefer alternative menstrual products to conventional menstrual pads and tampons. The following products are considered to be ecologically and biologically healthier than conventional feminine hygeine products, and each option has its own positive traits and drawbacks. Reusable Menstrual Cups Brand ...