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Jimmy Page Says He’s ‘Hurt’ by 2012 Olympics Snub

Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist and sonic architect for Led Zeppelin, is harboring a whole lotta anger towards organizers of the 2012 Olympics. Page says he is “very upset” about not being invited to perform at –or even attend — the London Games opening ceremony. He’s certainly got his reasons. Four years ago, Page generously ...

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Victoria Day on May 24th – The History Behind this Canadian Holiday

Victoria Day, the third Monday in May, marks the unofficial start of summer for many Canadians. Weekend cottages are opened after a long winter, gardens are planted, and young people camp and attend the first music festivals of summer. Fireworks, generally illegal in Canada, are used to celebrate this first long weekend of the summer ...

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Ten Great Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs for Americans

Not many American royalty-watchers could spare the time or money to attend Queen Elizabeth’s June 2012 Diamond Jubilee festivities in person. Nonetheless, we participated vicariously via television and other media coverage. Like others around the world, we Americans who have never known any other British sovereign are amazed by the Queen’s 60 years of steadiness ...