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Karla News

10 Things to Do at Denver International Airport

1. The obvious, sit at a bar and have a drink. There are lots of them all over the place. You can have your pick ranging from the typical sports bar to the various airline’s frequent traveler airport club. Whatever floats your boat. 2. Sit and watch the airline crews walking by. This one is ...

Karla News

What’s Going on at the New Denver Airport?

I realize that when most folks hear about the “illuminati” and their connection with the Masons, they chalk it up as just another conspiracy theory. The “Da Vinci Code” has caused a maelstrom of largely unfounded theories itself. After all, in this day and age, a secret society planning a “One World Order” seems extremely ...

Karla News

Denver’s Airport Microtel Inn Review

The Microtel Inn at Denver International Airport is a great discount hotel I have used many times when going to Denver. The Denver Microtel Inn is located just a few minutes from Denver´s International Airport at 18600 E. 63rd Avenue. Their phone number is (303) 371-8300. You can also, book online at One thing ...