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Top 5 Best Cross Country Racing Spikes

Saucony: Saucony has been a leading brand among Cross Country spikes in recent years. Their two major designs, the “Kilkenny” and the “Shay” are extremely similar, and have come to be two of the most popular racing spikes in the sport for both men and women. The “Kilkenny” is one of the two main Saucony ...

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Amtrak Cross – Country Traveling is Fantastic

When you want to travel across the country you will want to consider taking the Amtrak train. I have traveled cross-country and back on the Amtrak trains and have enjoyed it immensely. It was a wonderful experience and one that you should consider taking. There are several routes that you can take and during your ...

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How to Plan a Cross-country Motorcycle Tour

The highway opens up before you, and a cascade of sunset washes across the road as the wind roars in your hair. Everything’s in place for your long distance motorcycle tour. Whether you’re taking in one state or fifty, with a night in Tijuana before heading home, a cross-country motorcycle tour requires a great deal ...