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Karla News

5 Movies that Deserve a Criterion Collection Release

The Criterion Collection currently has 630 movies and counting released through its company. A number of those are now out-of-print, but there are also many more that are added each and every month. With many new additions coming, including beloved classics, modern day anomalies, cult favorites and foreign masterpieces, here is a look at five ...

Karla News

Akira Kurosawa’s Ran: 25 Years Later

I pride myself on having a vast knowledge of movies. While my fellow employees change the channel to see what’s on and they stumble across a movie they don’t recognize, I am usually able to name it even if I have never seen it before. Everyone is amazed at how I could know such things. ...

Karla News

Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Down by Law’ Released by Criterion Collection

Jim Jarmusch, one of the most prolific independent filmmakers in the renaissance of independent film in the ’80s, received another Criterion Collection release on July 17, 2012, with “Down by Law.” The movie was the third for Jarmusch, and took the director out of his comfort zone of Manhattan, transferring the action down to Louisiana. ...