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Karla News

Best Mp3 Players for Kids

These days it seems like everyone has an mp3 player in their hips. It’s no wonder that kids want to get in on the act, too. With prices exceeding $200, many parents don’t want to spring for a small, expensive piece of technology for their child, but there are many players under $75 that make ...

Karla News

The Ipod 1Gb Nano Versus the 1Gb Creative Zen Nano

IPOD. The name strikes fear into the hearts of the mass marketed media player industry. Through extensive and brilliant advertising strategies by the one time underdogs of the computer world, Apple’s IPOD has become a 21st century household name. Apple’s grip on portable media does tend to beg one question however: Aside from its enormous ...

Karla News

Microsoft Zune VS. Creative Zen M

I’m going to get right into it, because if you’re reading this you probably don’t want a pep talk in the beginning. The Creative Zen Vision: M and the new Microsoft Zune can be compared as very similar. The price, which your most likely most interested in, is the same right now at $220 a ...