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Karla News

Why Major League Baseballs Are Not Shiny & New

Major League Baseball requires the home team to have 90 new baseballs on hand for each game, and according to several sources, between five and six dozen balls are used during the course of a game. What many people do not know, though, is that those game baseballs are never right out of the box, ...

Karla News

Jackie Robinson’s Debut: He Didn’t Have to Hit to Help the Dodgers

April 15, 1947 Acting manager Clyde Sukeforth will lead the Brooklyn Dodgers against Johnny Sain and the Boston Braves as the Dodgers open the season without suspended manager Leo Durocher. A crowd of about 34,000 is expected to see the first of 22 games between the two teams predicted to give the defending World Champion ...

Karla News

The Longest Baseball Games Ever Played

Some sports fans will try and tell you that a baseball game is boring but I have to disagree. The game of baseball is the only game that has a one vs. one showdown as big as the pitcher vs. the hitter while the game as a whole is still a team game. Baseball might ...