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Karla News

Chapstick VS. Lip Smackers Lip Gloss

Both Chapstick and Lip Smackers have been on American store shelves for a long time. When I was a kid, I pulled out my Chapstick when the weather would hover around zero, so my lips wouldn’t crack and peel in the cold. I also remember getting Lip Smackers gifts from other girls in grade school, ...

Karla News

Buying Cruelty-free Makeup at the Drugstore

With all the great cruelty-free products available, you don’t need to buy makeup from companies that test on animals. European companies have ceased animal testing on cosmetics, and are demonstrating that it is an unnecessary practice. No matter what your opinion of other animal rights issues or vegetarianism, I think you can agree that testing ...

Karla News

Bonne Bell – a Sprite Liquid Gloss Review

Remember when you were a little girl and loved those Bonne Bell Lip Smacker’s lip balms? I cannot tell you how many of those balms I have had and used over the years and still love today. Of course this brand is mostly advertised to young girls and teenagers, but who’s to say that adult ...