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Karla News

“Don’s BBQ & Good Eats” Offers Good American Food

My next restaurant review is on the first place where my family dined upon our moving to the Virginia Peninsula in 1978. At that time my children were five and seven years of age. At the time, they had very limited tastes in foods. However, they were always up for hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ. ...

Karla News

How to Make Pickled Bologna

In recent years it has gotten more difficult to find pickled bologna in grocery stores. So I have had to get creative in order to enjoy my favorite treat. My solution- make pickled bologna at home. It is easier than you might think and in my opinion tastes much better than store bought. Here are ...

Karla News

Creative Uses for Ritz Crackers

There are so many wonderful convenience products that can be turned into creative snacks and appetizers. One such product is Ritz Crackers. Ritz Crackers are not only tasty with cheese, but can be turned into a snack or appetizer that your guests will think is truly creative. Here are just a few creative ideas to ...