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How to Treat Bloodshot Eyes

Bloodshot eyes are a sure sign of too much drinking or general carousing or maybe indulging in drugs or burning the candle at both ends or any number of other activities that lend credence to all those calls for moderation in all things. Actually, the reason that your eyes get all bloodshot and bleary and ...

Karla News

University of Tennessee’s Better Days in Bowl Games

Though the University of Tennessee football team has had a few lean years, they were a powerhouse at one time. This was before athletic director Mike Hamilton and his years marked with NCAA investigations and scandal. The previous years had brought a National Championship and Heisman worthy players. These are five moments that stand out. ...

Karla News

15 of the Most Famous People from Alabama

15 of the most Famous People From Alabama Alabama is a place where many famous people were born. These are fifteen famous people who were born in Alabama. This is a new series about famous people who were born in particular states. The first of the series will be famous people from Alabama. These are ...