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Karla News

Great Bob Knight Quotes

Texas Tech Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Knight, love him or hate him, is a man who doesn’t mince words via his great quotes. Many great quotes made by Bob Knight are very memorable indeed, if not enlightening or controversial. With this in mind, here are some of my favorite Bob Knight great quotes that he’s ...

Karla News

Top Five College Basketball Announcers

An announcer can really make or break a game for the average sports fan sitting at home tuning into a hotly contested college basketball matchup. Many games have plenty of drama built into them, but the job of the announcer is to try to make you feel like you are inside the arena. The best ...

Karla News

Great Basketball Coaching Quotes

Like most sports shown on television, basketball games are usually accompanied by endless prattle called announcing and color commentary. Some of this talk can be helpful in discerning the fine points of the game, especially if it is provided by former players or coaches. But even then what some fans would really like to know ...